Api Holidays: The buzz on the hives!

Api Holidays: The buzz on the hives!

There is something buzzing in Crete!

Learn about the Honeybees, Bee Honey and Beehives


Honey is an ancient ingredient, one of the basics in the Greek larder and has been the main source of sweetness throughout most of humanity’s history. Honey is infact a sticky mass of bee spit and evaporated nectar and comes in a variety of textures, flavors and colors.

Greece is famous for its quality honey which varies in flavour depending on the region. Its aroma, taste, texture varies due to the local environment. With this in mind, buzz down to the island of Crete for a 5 day api holiday experience in the Chania area.

If you are intrigued by the mystic world of honeybees? You can now discover the “api world” attending a series of beekeeping and honey collection seminars and honey themed cooking workshops with recipes dating back to ancient Greece.  By the time you return back home you will know how to look after a hive and manage a swarm! You’ll meet the bees in their natural habitat, watch the bees up close and personal of course wearing the necessary bee keeping gear. You will learn about the incredible life of the bees, the history of beekeeping and sample some of the many honey products!

You will have the opportunity to observe a master beekeeper at work and learn about the different bee products. You’ll go on an excursion with the master beekeeper visiting  the beehives on the famous White Mountains. Walk the bee garden, follow the footpaths and learn the importance of the local flora, the numerous flowers, bushes and trees.

Investigate the hive, observe the population as the bees go about their daily work and identify the queen bee and the drones. Cook with honey and discover the sweet and salty flavors of ancient Greece. Participate in cooking workshops, learn the local cuisine and savour honey in many signature dishes using age-old recipes.

We offer the holiday upon request so get in touch with us to design your holiday. We will set you off on the right path with a master beekeeper and lots of information!