When is the best time to visit Crete?

When is the best time to visit Crete?

Why we prefer spring and autumn holidays

What ever you do, you will have a better time!

We very often get the question and really there is no single answer. It depends on the style of vacation you want to pursue.

We do, however, have our preferences and we would go for spring and autumn. Crete has 300 days of sunshine per year so whenever you visit, you can be confident that you will get some sunshine. Even in mid winter we do get our fair share of sun rays!

Most would visit Crete in the summer but here’s why we think you should visit in Spring or Autumn

  • Summers are hot, tiring hot, 38ºC hot! The sun in mid afternoon is harsh and even if you drink volumes of water if you are not heat tolerant you still feel exhausted. In spring and autumn the average temperatures are between 17 and the mid twenties; ideal for most activities, especially cooking, gastronomy courses and hiking. Perfect weather in total for whichever activity you wish to pursue.
  • There are less visitors around. The main towns in the summer, get seriously overcrowded. To visit the old town in Chania in August you literally have to queue. It is difficult to find availabilities for accommodation and car rentals. The best options tend to get booked up early.
  • During spring and autumn the countryside is beautiful; nature is blooming and the fields are full of wild herbs, flowers and edible greens. During our cooking and Greek pies workshops we do a bit of foraging and everything ends up in our fork, with a fair amount of olive oil! The bees are at their best, so if you are into beekeeping you could go for an api holiday and get the best of it.
  • Wine tastes better when the weather is not very hot. High temperatures do not do any favours, not even to the best of wine bottles. You will take so much more pleasure from a wine seminars on a cool and fresh evening and you will surely try the spicy reds of Crete!
  • The flights to get here are cheaper!

Aim for spring or autumn holidays, all in all you can organise your trip better and enjoy your experiences more. The dishes you will prepare during the fresh and crispy afternoons will remain unforgettable and so will your cooking holiday!