Foodie Holidays in Greece

Foodie Holidays in Greece

Now that the festive season is over most of us have already started dreaming of our next exciting plan! Is it a holiday perhaps?
We thought it would be a good time to present two of our classic foodie holidays in Greece, Artisan food cooking holidays and Vegetarian / vegan cooking holidays!


Starting in June and running almost throughout the summer and autumn we have designed special cooking holidays for people who truly appreciate wholesome, real and natural food! Our foodie holidays consist of cooking workshops at the Olive Farm, special meals in selected places, trips to the countryside, visits at the central food market and time spent at the company of local food heroes. Producers and farmers of artisanal food, people who know the art of making real wholesome food available to the rest of us!

You will have the chance to cook, and learn the philosophy of Cretan and Greek cuisine covering all aspects of it. Greek gastronomy is not just about what you do in the kitchen. Greek gastronomy is a way of life; it involves sustainable methods of nutrition and food production and has an enormous social impact.


You never eat alone in Greece, even if you live alone you often share meals with your neighbors or go down to the local kafeneio and have a meal there. When having a meal is when you talk about life, politics, each other, family problems or even …the European Union. Just observe the Greek families around you in the Tavernas and this becomes obvious.photos0058





Join us on that … you will get to chit chat with the locals, pick fresh vegetables form the garden, learn to combine what is available or what is in season and make authentic dishes from scratch.

The local gastronomy is so versatile that we can easily provide vegan and vegetarian holidays and workshops along side the classic ones. Numerous dishes are vegan and vegetarian in their authentic version anyway so all those vegetarians will not be left out, in fact veggie dishes are central to the local gastronomy.

photos0577The week thought its not solely about the cooking, we will get to visit local workshops and see how food is produced, will get an introduction to our beloved honey and try wine from many Greek varieties and from all over Greece. You can’t visit every place and wine road in the country but we have shipped the bottles over. More so you will expand on Cretan wine and get to have dinner at a local winery.

Whether you will join us in the summer, autumn or spring you will have the chance to experience the seaside, walk on ancient trails and admire the wild beauty of Crete. You will discover wonderful beaches and swim the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. You will visit the city, try the street food and get to know the main signature products that this land produces. But it will be the life in the villages of rural Greece that will win you over in the end!

And if the available dates do not suit your schedule just get in touch and we will tailor make a few days for you. You will not miss out on anything!