Holiday activities and workshops in Crete with Hand Picked Greece

Holiday activities and workshops in Crete with Hand Picked Greece

Have you booked your tickets to Crete yet? Are you interested in experiencing that part of Crete that still remains true to its heritage? Come visit us at the Olive Farm for holiday activities and workshops in Crete in the area of Apokoronas at the tiny village of Litsarda. Enrich your holiday schedule and Cretan experiences with activities that will stay close to your heart and make you appreciate the island more! Here are a few of our favourite holiday activities and workshops, all based in Crete. Choose the ones that appeal to you or come on a holiday to Crete for a whole week of hand picked holiday activities and workshops.

Local Gastronomy – Crete Cooking classes and workshops


Take a crash course in local Gastronomy and savour a chance to experience authentic local flavors. Join our Greek cooking workshops every Monday and Friday, starting at 6 in the evening in the summer, with earlier afternoon times in the winter. Come and spend a few good hours learning the local Cretan cuisine with our inspiring cook. It’s all about home seasonal and wholesome cooking with a strong local signature.

We have an open-air kitchen where you will get to cook among the olive trees, listening to the sounds of the birds, the cicadas and the crickets as the evening approaches. You will spend 3 – 4 hours immersed in the local gastronomy and you will gain so much more than just simple cooking skills. Pick seasonal vegetables from the garden and learn to prepare authentic dishes the old fashioned way. Cook in a wood fire, try local wine and cheese, and return home with new and refreshed cooking ideas.

More so you will learn the right combinations, understand the Mediterranean philosophy and cook with almost any combination of local ingredients…progressively you will find that the exact recipe is not the most important thing!

An enlightening and entertaining afternoon and evening

• Small classes
• Hands on cooking
• Tastings of signature products

And after all the hard work?  Relax with us over a truly delicious dinner afterwards and enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

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Hand made Olive oil soap and artisanal cosmetics

Have you ever made your own soap? Making soap using olive oil used to be a usual winter activity in the villages of Crete. Housewives would get together once a year and prepare enough soap for the whole village to share. This was mainly used for cleaning, but our grandmothers have also shared secret recipes on how to make fragrant moisturizing olive oil soap for body care purposes. We love it and that’s all we use!
Come spend a couple of hours at the Olive Farm and learn to make artisanal soap, beeswax salve and infused oils using pure extra virgin olive oil. We have revived age-old recipes of artisanalHand Picked Greece (4) cosmetics which are now becoming more popular by the day. Learn a little bit of tradition and go home with a goody bag that will take care of your skin the winter months to come!

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Walking excursions in Southern Crete

Do you want to avoid the masses of tourists that flood the gorges of Southern Crete in the summer months? Come with us on a guided walking excursion in the area of Sfakia in Crete, where you will have the chance to explore and admire the wild beauty of the area, the arid scenery and the crystal clear waters of the Libyan sea.
The trail we will follow will depend on the abilities of the group. You won’t need to bDSC_0458e an experienced hiker. There is a route for everyone. Whether crossing the gorge of Aradena, or following the trail to the village of Loutro you will experience an undiscovered part of South Crete, admire the breathtaking views and enjoy a traditional lunch with some local delicacies.
Put on your hiking shoes and travel with us to the region of Sfakia; an area with dramatic scenery and full of character.
There are limited places so book early to avoid disappointment.

Find out more about walking excursion in Sfakia, Crete

Handpick your holiday activities on Crete

If you are a group of 4 or more people we can plan trips and visits just for you as well as set up holiday activities and workshops in Crete.  Visit artisan producers of certain signature products of Crete, camp in isolated beaches or arrange a cooking workshop on the beach! Visit a bee garden and get an introduction to beekeeping. Sample honey and have coffee and sweets with the beekeepers family. Alternatively, you may wish to investigate Cretan wines, pay a visit at the vineyards in the area of Apokoronas, chatDSC_0149 to the winemaker and try wine from some of the local varieties. If in season you can always join the harvest. Taste more local wine and have dinner with us right at the winery.

Get in touch with us and we will help you organize authentic activities that it would be hard to experiene otherwise!