Why not join us for a wine holiday in Greece this autumn?

Why not join us for a wine holiday in Greece this autumn?

A wine holiday in Greece is the best way to enjoy the enjoy the characteristic flavours of our wine and understand a bit more about how it’s made.

Wine in Greece has been produced for thousands of years across the country. With the onset of technological advancements not many things have changed in Greece, for better or for worse, and many viticultural practices in Greece remain unique and, as some might say, dated!

Characteristics such as the cultivation of literally hundreds of indigenous varieties not found in other countries, the existence of many isolated wine growing zones found in both mainland Greece and the islands and the rough terrain that does not allow the application of mass growing practices, all make economies of scale extremely hard. So Greek wine at first may seem somewhat expensive but experienced wine lovers always prefer it, because to them each bottle has a unique story tophotos0030 tell.

With the passage of time the practices that have been developed and adopted by most wine growers in Greece require manual work and methods like handpicked collection of the vines, pruning in the form of concentric circles literally attached to the ground, or cultivation in parallel, horizontal levels rather than in a slope. Even now in the 21st century, when cycling or walking through the vineyards in many parts of Greece you often feel as if you have travelled in the past. Growers manually dig the arid land, carefully hand prune the vines in basket shapes, or use donkeys to carry baskets full of grapes during the harvest as no other means can reach their isolated vineyards. The result … healthy grapes that offer wine
full of character and unique aromas.

If you come on a wine holiday in Greece at the right time of the year you can get to experience the harvest first hand. We only offer this wine  holidayDSC_0405 for a few weeks every year, during the harvest season. Join in as Crete celebrates its wine and enjoy a week amongst the vineyards. Participate in the wine harvest, brush up your cooking skills and revel in this age-old tradition at the heart of Crete’s culture.

The grape harvest is an agricultural activity with deep roots in ancient times where it used to take the form of a festival for tDSC08376he worship of Dionisos one of the 12 Olympian Gods, the god of wine, festivities and celebration. As the grapes mature they acquire their color and sweetness; so when the right colour and sugar content is reached its time to harvest. Different types of wine require different levels of ripening and sugar content but whatever the timing the days of harvest are days of joy by tradition.
People would move from the village and spent time at the vineyards, pick the grapes and transfer everything at the winery where they would start the stomping process and finish the day with a massive meal, to properly celebrate a blessed harvest! When you join us for a wine holiday in Greece you are stepping in to this tradition.

So come and celebrate the grape harvest with us, combine a relaxing holiday with a few of days of wine education, both at the vineyards and the winery! Do not miss out on such Find out about this wine holiday in Greece and  book your place now for the 2016 harvest!