Some thoughts on Cooking…by our visiting chef Lianka.

Some thoughts on Cooking…by our visiting chef Lianka.

Cook in action
Since this is my first post in this beautiful blog, I feel like sharing a few things about cooking!

My love for cooking is endless and is tightly joined with my interest for nutrition, the health benefits of the ingredients I choose to use! Cooking for me is not just about the taste and presentation of the food, it is also about the goodness in it.

A well cooked home made dish always makes us happy. It tastes good, it satisfies our hunger and fills our stomach but mainly it gives our body and mind what they need to stay healthy. Everything starts there, doesn’t it?

When it comes to presenting recipes I make sure I communicate everything in a user-friendly way, making sure that even those who have never cooked before will succeed in making the dish! Every single one of us can cook. We just need to get on with it, to taste and test, to burn some food, to forget an ingredient, to overdo it on salt once, to make a spicy dish so spicy that is not edible anymore. Once we do all that then we can all call ourselves a cook, and in fact a great one.

What makes a great cook? To know what you like and what you prefer the most! Cooking is such an amazing and dynamic activity. Cooking is about evolving, adapting and changing. People cook, and taste what they cook and then cook some more and eventually adapt and change their recipes. This way everyone can create a great recipe. We often notice the same dish with a different name in different countries, or the same recipe, using the same ingredients in different countries but actually with a different name. Isn’t this fascinating? This dynamic relationship between cooking and the local folklore culture that we so often spot when we travel!

In this blog we will be writing aboutpreparing a vegetable bake Greek dishes, presenting recipes, introducing tips and providing alternatives for vegans, vegetarians, people with allergies or any other nutritional needs. We will talk about ingredients and explore the nutritional benefits of everything we choose to include in our recipes.

Every vegetable, fruit, herb, nut, root and bulb contains specific nutritional elements that our bodies need to survive and remain healthy. The same stands for meat and dairy but in this case the plant-based substitutes are plenty.

Although, we need to include everything in our diets, at the right amounts and at the right time, some people do have special dietary needs due to metabolic syndromes or allergies. Every recipe can be adapted to their needs so there is no need to exclude anybody from fabulous cooking sessions and great recipes!

Stay tuned as we will be introducing the recipes and dishes we prepare during our cooking holidays and workshops …if you can’t join us in person you can always join us through the blog or social media. We always love to hear from you!

Let’s cook together!