About us

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Bespoke holidays where you choose exactly what and how much you want to do.
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Who we are

We are part of a generation that grew up picking tomatoes straight from the vine. We lived on olive oil, sourdough bread and homegrown vegetables. Now we have combined those childhood experiences with our continuing passion for cooking to set up Hand Picked Greece. We offer gastronomy related vacations on the island of Crete and in Western Mani on the Peloponesse with cooking classes and activities that are rooted in the local Greek culture.

Hand Picked Greece

At Hand Picked Greece we run and design authentic rural experiences focused on the greek gastronomy. We are currently operating on the island of Crete and the Western Mani Peninsula. We pay extra care when selecting our partners and suppliers ensuring that we can offer bespoke vacations and wand a wide range of other sustainable workshops and activities throughout the year.

We believe in a natural environment

We remain true to nature, trying to preserve natural resources with all our activities. Our eco-tourism principles mean that we will do our best to respect the local natural resources at every step.

We contribute to the local economy

We aim to bring economic benefits to the local communities where we work. More of the cost of your holiday stays in local people’s hands, so you will be supporting the people who help make your experience truly authentic.

We value authenticity and culture

We hope that our guests will understand the true essence of Greece and become part of the community. We respect and promote the local character of each community, making efforts to conserve both the natural and the cultural heritage.

Be a traveller not a tourist

We want you to travel like a local. We will travel with you, helping you embrace the local culture. You become part of the community and get immersed in everyday life, and some of the unique foodie activities that make this area famous.

On holiday with us you can make the cheese, harvest the olives for olive oil, the grapes for wine or simply sample several traditional products and learn the local culinary habits. All this is wrapped together in our unique cooking vacations in Crete.