Come with us through the gorge of Aradena

Come with us through the gorge of Aradena

This is a favourite walk in the fascinating area of Sfakia, a peaceful and remote corner of south western Crete.

The walk takes you through the gorge of Aradena, which is only 5.5 km long. It’s a perfect destination for a non-demanding hike and not as busy as the Samaria gorge. The surrounding cliffs are steep and rich in cliff-hanging flowers, many of which are endemic in the area.

At the end of the gorge you reach the beach of Marmara, a beautiful, secluded place where you can swim and relax before hiking up to Livaniana, a small village that clings to the cliff tops, overlooking the Libyan sea and the island of Gavdos. It’s a perfect spot to enjoy the magnificent views, out towards Gavdos, the southernmost corner of Europe.

What else do we like about Skafia?

Actually we are somewhat in love with everything about this amazing region.

Within short distances of Skafia village you’ll experience dramatic changes of scenery. From the arid cliffs one can reach a protected forest area and within an hour of hiking you could find yourself overlooking a magnificent beach. The village of Sfakia, also known as “Chora Sfakion”,  is a rocky barren territory, and has always been a southern stronghold and remained unconquered over the years.

The locals are an independent lot, but welcoming and friendly too – they might shout amongst themselves but they are not arguing! They are always dressed in black, especially during festivals, and are known to fire guns during weddings!

The area is ideal for hiking. There are over 30 peaks at an altitude more than 200om and almost 50 gorges throughout the mountain range. If you come on holiday with us to Sfakia you will get a chance to hike down to wonderful beaches and take a swim at the Libyan sea. You will get a chance to climb in the White Mountains , visit caves and observe the local wildlife. Whether you find yourself on the beach or up on the stiff cliffs you will often be able to make out the Cretan goats. They are watching you. Always. Well adapted to the surroundings they climb up the steep hills with easiness, and hide in crevices and cracks to escape the harsh sun. You will get to follow paths of the European trail E4 and benefit from the unique legacy that the area provides. There are routes for all tastes: easy, difficult, long and short.

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