Kythera – a place for love to flourish

Kythera – a place for love to flourish

Legend has it that Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love, was born rising from the foam of breaking waves in Kythera.

Kythera is an unique island in many respects. A relatively ‘lonely’ place where tourism is quite undeveloped, it’s a calm refuge and popular with Greek holiday makers who are on the look out for tradition, natural beauty and peaceful, almost deserted beaches.

The island is small with whitewashed villages, two Venetian fortresses and picturesque squares planted with hibiscus, bougainvillea and palms where the locals take their coffee everyday. Kythera is known for the many footpaths and walking trails through pine trees, eucalyptuses and flowers next to streams and water falls. A team of environmental scientists have recently mapped and signposted the entire network of footpaths that span the island in an attempt to preserve the unique biodiversity of the place.

Life is rural and traditional, quiet and peaceful with the locals organizing communal festivities around religious events. Right at the point where three seas meet – the Ionian sea, the Cretan sea and the Aegean sea – the island was always a crossroads for the cultures of the Mediterranean and the local culture has been influenced by the Minoans, the Dorans, Franks, Venetians and the Arabs.

In relation to its size Kythera is loaded with small family artisan food businesses and the local produce in Kythera coincides with the rest of Greece – sea salt, olives and olive oil, wine, honey, herbs, almonds, goats cheese and meat, yet the flavours are distinct. The olive groves are small and scattered often hidden in crevices and gorges in between the steep rocks. The olives produced in the area are small but full of flavour.

Award winning honey, hand picked sea salt from the many crevices in the rocky shores and olive oil rusks and almond biscuits are among the famous local products. As far as our beloved wine is concerned there are many local varieties that produce unique tasting wines.

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