The Mani Peninsula

Remote, rural and the perfect place to unwind

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The Mani Peninsula

Celebrate the olive harvest in Mani

The Mani Peninsula is the southernmost corner of the entire European continent and it really does feel like the end of the road. It’s a rural, relatively isolated peninsula with dramatic scenery and a bloody history.

Discover a region of rustic villages, untrampled beaches, numerous Byzantine and post Byzantine chapels and Frankish castles. The chapels are full of beautiful carved-marble stonework and frescos.

Olive harvest in the Mani

Come to the Mani during the olive harvest for a holiday that gets under the skin of the Greek way of life. Enjoy visits to artisan food producers, cook with the locals and walk the magnificent footpaths of the mount Taygetus nature reserve.

The village of Kardamyli will be your home for the week – a place to relax, tune in to the pace of country life, eat wonderful local produce and enjoy walking into the hills. Kardamyli is a majestic gate to the Deep Mani and only a 40 min drive away from Kalamata, the nearest city.

Highlights include:

  • Exploring this remote area of southern Greece
  • Walking the famous yet little trodden footpaths that Patrick Leigh Fermor includes in his writings
  • Participating in the olive harvest. The area is surrounded by olive groves and is famous for its kalamata olives and olive oil.
  • Artisan cosmetics workshops
  • A journey through rough, arid terrain to the end of the peninsula will include a visit to the caves of Diros, one of the most beautiful cave lakes in the world.
  • Accommodation in our guest house, Kripia, to take a closer look.

All your meals have been specially selected and organized by us so that you can experience the real flavors of Greece with award winning produce. Here, every evening meal is a social event – a time to meet old friends and make new ones, and enjoy the pleasure in sharing good food and wonderful wine.

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