Scotsman feature Hand Picked Greece cooking holidays

Scotsman feature Hand Picked Greece cooking holidays

We’re delighted that our recent Greek-Scottish food adventure has made it onto the Scotsman’s food and drink website.

A couple of weeks back we started chatting about how we might celebrate a Scottish St Andrew’s Day (30th November) with a menu that celebrates both Greek and Scottish cooking. We came up with some traditional Greek Recipe ideas to incorporate into a  dinner menu for a celebration with family and friends.

We tried out the dishes here at The Olive Farm, merging some obvious Scottish fare with a few of our own local favourites to create an interesting – and quite original! – menu.

It was extremely rewarding when the Scotsman picked up on what we were doing and featured Valia and the Hand Picked Greece holiday venture on their website with their article, St Andrews Day Greek Feast that crosses borders.

Valia’s own story is at the heart of the article, emphasising the strong connections she has with Edinburgh, the “Athens of the North”. In Greece, cooking holidays are not as established as in some other mediterranean countries. In Italy, cooking holidays have been popular for decades. Our approach brings together local food traditions with sustainable tourism to create a unique offer.