Sustainable table

Sustainable table

Local gastronomy and biodiversity are naturally closely linked and nowhere is this more true than in Crete! What traditionally found its way to our table used to be more or less determined by the local biodiversity. There used to be a good balance between the seasons, what the local land could support and our dietary patterns. In modern societies this pattern of seasonality and local produce have long been forgotten, with devastating effects on both the environment and our health.

Local artisan producers in every place in the world keep fighting against industrialized food by simply remaining truthful to their values. The least we can do is to support them!

What is sustainable food?

Sustainable food is local, seasonal and organic. It is food grown or raised in an ecologically and ethically responsible manner using practices that protect the environment, safeguard human health, are humane to farm animals, and provide fair treatment to workers. Sustainable food generates abundance while ensuring that future generations can do the same.

Home cooking – why is it better ?

Cooking at home with sustainable food tastes better, is more nutritious, is cheaper than eating out, teaches kids good eating habits and brings friends and family together. So, get in the kitchen today, join our home cooking classes or come on one of our cooking holidays.


Tips to eating more sustainably

  • Learn about our food systems – ask questions. Learn as much as you can on nutrition and food production methods, the more informed the better choices you will make for your self and the planet
  • Start shopping for sustainable food one item at a time! Visit farmers markets, identify your local producers, shop seasonal, local and organic products. Shop only as much as you need.
  • Eat seasonal. Buy locally grown fruits and vegetables that are in season.
  • Grow your own. Be self-sufficient and bypass industrial foods, whether it be a vegetable plot on your back garden or a pot with herbs.
  • Cook at home. Get back to basics and experience the joy of cooking.
  • Eat less meat. Eating less meat can have a huge impact on our health and the planet.