Wine and Crete – together for a long time!

Wine and Crete – together for a long time!

Interested in knowing a little bit more about the history of our local wine here in Crete? It is a long story…

The vine has known almost 4 millennia of systematic cultivation in Crete. How do we know? A 3500 years old wine press has been found in Crete at the region of Vathipetro. The ancient Cretans as early as the Minoan civilization, some 4000 years ago, had already developed sophisticated storage facilities for wine at the basements of the palaces.

Cretans provided wine to the Egyptian Pharaoh and later on to the Roman Empire since their needs in wine – a commodity they were particularly fond of – was too great to be met by the vineyards of the Italian peninsula. Nowadays, new varieties are being tested alongside the local varieties. New aromas and flavours are emerging. Join us for a wine holiday and during the week you will have a chance to visit different wine makers in the region and taste known and unknown varieties of wine during tasting events and dinners at the Olive Farm. You will even get to press wine in the traditional old fashioned way.

One of the greatest secrets for longevity and good health in Crete is the Cretan tsikoudia, a strong spirit produced from the grape residue left during the wine making process. Tsikoudia, accompanied by a tasty snack, as well as the sounds of lyre and lute, can calm any untamed soul!

Want to experience more of Crete’s wine culture? Come on holiday during the grape harvest!